Step 2 – 3D Photo Quality Kitchen Design

Kitchens designed for you… with 3D Visualisation


At The Kitchen Design Company, we want you to enjoy your new kitchen for years to come, so it’s important that we help you create a kitchen design that not only looks great, but is functional for you to use every day.


We’ll talk with you about how you like to cook, what appliances you use most often, and how you entertain, to ensure that your kitchen design suits they way you live and work in your kitchen environment. We’ll talk you through the ‘working triangle’ principals of kitchen design, and where possible, give you options of how your space can be laid out.


Microvellum 3D Photo Kitchen Deisgn

See your newly designed kitchen in your space before ordering…


A critical aspect of kitchen design also includes understanding your budget. We can work with you here to ensure that you get the most from your kitchen, for a great result.


Whether it’s drawers or cupboards, soft-close or not, we can customise your kitchen design to suit your needs; and because we manufacture our kitchens right here in New Zealand, we can create cupboards or drawers to suit your exact space – meaning your kitchen can be set up in a way that’s perfect for your needs; not restricted to pre-set sizes that might not suit you.


Once designed, we’ll show you a 3D render of your kitchen so you can see, in near photo quality, what your kitchen is going to look like.


Microvellum software produces 3D near-photo quality images of your new kitchen in your space. Click on any of the images above to enlarge.


Giving you this clarity up front is all part of our focus on delivering you the best kitchen we can.


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