Quality Kitchen – 5-Year Customer Guarantee

A Quality Kitchen – Guaranteed


When it comes to renovating kitchens, you want to get it right first time. Ensuring you get a great kitchen is just part of the equation, you also want the peace of mind that comes with knowing it’s going to last.


The Kitchen Design Company offer a comprehensive 5 year guarantee on all elements of your new kitchen, including fittings, cabinetry, runners, taps, seals etc. We guarantee that our kitchen will continue to look as good and perform as well after 5 years as it did when it was completed*.


If you’d like the confidence that comes with a guaranteed kitchen finish, contact us today or call 0800 438 786.


* Unless stated at the time of purchase, The Kitchen Design Company guarantee applies to kitchens installed in residential settings, for use by the purchaser. Guarantees do not extend to commercial settings or rental properties. Guarantee offer is made for fair use of the kitchen, and does not extend to use that is not reasonably anticipated, or use of kitchen items that are not considered fit for purpose.

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