Kitchen Cabinets

Which kitchen cabinets are best for our kitchen?


There are a few options for kitchen cabinets and they all come with different price tags, aesthetics and pros / cons, so how do you know which to choose?


We’ve put together a kitchen cabinet guide that highlights the pros & cons of the various cabinets, along with pricing guides & images to inspire you.


Interior of Cabinets


Most kitchen cabinets (ie: what the kitchen cupboard itself is structured from) are constructed from Melamine.  A wood bi-product core is sandwiched between two layers of melamine material to create Melamine cabinets. It is reasonably priced, durable & easy to clean.


Typically white, you can specify a coloured interior board at an additional cost.


Kitchen Cabinet Doors


These can come in a variety of different materials and it will depend on the look that you are trying to achieve, whether you have an exact colour in mind, the level of use the kitchen will get and your budget.


The quick reference guide below talks about the different finishes, what they are best for and gives an indication of costs.

Quick Reference Guide – Kitchen Cabinet Doors


Cabinet TypeProsConsPrice Range
Melamine- durable
- cost effective
- reasonable range of colours
- can't tint to match specifications - you choose from a range
- has a small edging line
$ - Best for families, landlords & those wanting a durable, cost effective kitchen
Vacuum Formed / Thermo-wrapped Vinyl

A vinyl skin that is vacuumed on to the face of a water resistant MDF door
- has no visible line around the edge of the door
- ability to specify a patterned door in a product that is well proven and very durable
- wide range of colours
- can't tint to match specifications - you choose from a range$$
Spray Painted Lacquer

A two pot paint finish somewhat similar to the paint on your car.
- you can specify any colour and degree of gloss giving you almost limitless possibilities
- doors are available in a wide range of patterns
- is more expensive than the other two options
- requires more care than other products
- tends not to be recommended for rental properties or families with busy children
Timber Veneer- can be used for the whole kitchen or as a highlight when combined with other finishes- has an edge tape$$
Solid Timber- unique
- great as an accent piece
- softer wood can dent & scratch more easily
- it's expensive to source good wood
$$$ - Most expensive and rarely used in NZ kitchens