The Kitchen Design Company Are Builders Too

27 Jul The Kitchen Design Company Are Builders Too

At The Kitchen Design Company they do more than design and build great kitchens. They also have a team of reliable builders and tradespeople who can undertake renovations and all kinds of home handyman work. The team at The Kitchen Design Company are finding that they are getting more and more customers who are very happy with their new kitchen design, but who also need some building work done. Most kitchen design companies design the kitchen, install it and leave, whereas this team are happy to stay on and help with any building work that needs doing.

The Kitchen Design Company can do minor renovations and building work in and around the kitchen and can also help with renovations in the bathroom as well. The advantages of using TKDC is that by contacting the one company people can then request additional work, which could be anything from removing or repositioning a wall to adding a whole new kitchen or bathroom.

The team at The Kitchen Design Company are keen to ensure that their clients are completely happy with their design before they start the work. By using Microvellum software  which produces 3D near-photo quality images of the proposed new kitchen, including finishing touches like the appliances, the floors and the surroundings, the client can see almost exactly what the kitchen will look like once it’s installed, all this being done before the client places their order.

The Kitchen Design Company was created to provide better quality kitchens for a better price, and to ensure that their customers didn’t end up with a renovation or DIY disaster that could cost them a fortune. To do this, they have created a consultation process that allows them to clearly understand their client’s needs, the space and the budget they’re working with. They then carefully design the new kitchen to suit these factors, applying their knowledge and experience to give the client a kitchen they will love.

So, for a beautifully designed and built kitchen, people should contact the guys at The Kitchen Design Company, and if they need any other work done in the kitchen or anywhere else around the home, these are the guys to contact. For more information please visit the website at .

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