The Kitchen Design Company can cope with volume & deadlines when remediating houses

26 Jul The Kitchen Design Company can cope with volume & deadlines when remediating houses


The Kitchen Design Company’s David Sceats has recently been installing new kitchens in a block of 40 town houses in Parnell, and points out that they have been easily coping with both the volume and the deadlines, largely due to the use of Microvellum Software.


Microvellum Software develop, design, engineering, manufacturing and ERP solutions for the woodworking industry, taking pride in the fact that they offer the industry’s only end-to-end solution. Covering all aspects of wood product manufacturing utilizing One Database, One Solution. Their philosophy is, “Bid more accurately, engineer faster, build more product”, and this is exactly what David and the team at The Kitchen Design Company are finding. Microvellum Software’s AutoCAD-based solution allows David and the team to work in the industry standard tool used by architects, designers and engineers.


Their open architecture allows them the freedom to build and engineer products, and the flexibility to build all their products. Even custom one-off products using the same software, providing support any time of the day or night. As David says, he would like to do more of this remediation work, as they deal with the Body Corp when carrying out their work.


Add to this the fact that The Kitchen Design Company’s manufacturers allow them to custom create kitchens right here in New Zealand, at prices that will rival almost any other supplier in the country, being 15% to 20% more affordable than most of their competitors. Furthermore, they finish off the process by providing a top quality finish through their team of highly experienced installers.


By using Microvellum software, which produces 3D near-photo quality images of the proposed kitchen.  This includes finishing touches such as the appliances, the floors and the surroundings, means that clients can see almost exactly what the kitchen will look like once it is installed.


For further information on The Kitchen Design Company and their products and services, please visit the website at http://www.thekitchendesigncompany, .

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