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We do more than design and build great kitchens..


At The Kitchen Design Company we also have a team of reliable builders and tradespeople who can undertake renovations and all kinds of home handyman work:


David Consulting with Clients | The Kitchen Design Company

Kitchen Design Consult


Your ideal kitchen – starts with a discussion…


When it comes to creating a kitchen that suits your specific needs, we think it starts with a conversation. We’ll come to your home, discuss the type of kitchen you’re looking for; outlining colours, fixtures, style, bench tops, splash backs, your appliance preferences, and a range of other areas that go into creating your ideal kitchen.


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Kitchen Design in 3D Photo Quality


Kitchens designed for you… with 3D Visualisation


At The Kitchen Design Company, we want you to enjoy your new kitchen for years to come, so it’s important that we help you create a kitchen design that not only looks great, but is functional for you to use every day.


We’ll talk with you about how you like to cook, what appliances you use most often, and how you entertain, to ensure that your kitchen design suits they way you live and work in your kitchen environment. We’ll talk you through the ‘working triangle’ principals of kitchen design, and where possible, give you options of how your space can be laid out.


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Microvellum 3D photo quality kitchen design
White Cabinetry with Stainless Steel Finishing | The Kitchen Design Company

Kitchen Cabinets & Kitchen Bench tops Manufactured in New Zealand


Enjoy a quality NZ made kitchen…


Once you’ve agreed to the plan and quotation, we’ll start the production of your new kitchen. All our kitchens are manufactured right here in New Zealand, so you can be assured of the quality. We can build to any requirements, meaning that your kitchen can be laid out exactly as you’re wanting – rather than having to work with pre-determined cupboard or drawer sizes.We can build to any requirements, meaning that your kitchen can be laid out exactly as you’re wanting – rather than having to work with pre-determined cupboard or drawer sizes.


When it comes to a quality finish, again, you choose. Our manufacturing facility can accommodate a lacquer paint finished, a HPL (high pressure laminate) or a robust MDF kitchen wrapped with a melamine finish which can save you significantly.


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Quality Kitchen Installation


Quality kitchen installation for a great finish…


Once your new kitchen is manufactured to suit your unique design and preferences, we’ll take care of the installation to ensure everything comes together exactly as planned. Kitchens, as a wet area of the home, contain many traps for installers, so it’s important that we get the installation process just right.


We’ll ensure all water-related areas (sinks, dishwashers, plumbed in fridges etc.) are sealed correctly to prevent any ongoing issues. We’ll also ensure that the obvious things are taken care of too, like ensuring the bench top is perfectly level, that all elements of the panels are perfectly fitted together so there are no unsightly gaps or spaces that will annoy you every time you look at them. It seems obvious to us, but there are many installers who gloss over this necessary finishing detail.


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Quality Kitchen Installation
Renovations | Building Work | Builders Auckland

Renovations & Building Work


Quality Builders that can transform your house…



Whether it’s the removal of a wall or building an extension onto the house… We can help you. Our builders can undertake any type of renovations or building work… nothing too big or too small.


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Handyman work


For all those small jobs that you never get around to…


You know that list that just keeps getting bigger & bigger… Install a new shelf, fix up the droopy door, finish the painting, fix up the broken tile… They’re all the things that a professional handyman can knock off in a few hours work.


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Handyman | Handyman Auckland

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