Step 4 – Quality Kitchen Installation

Quality kitchen installation… for a great finish


Once your new kitchen is manufactured to suit your unique design and preferences, we’ll take care of the installation to ensure everything comes together exactly as planned. Kitchens, as a wet area of the home, contain many traps for installers, so it’s important that we get the installation process just right.


We’ll ensure all water-related areas (sinks, dishwashers, plumbed in fridges etc.) are sealed correctly to prevent any ongoing issues. We’ll also ensure that the obvious things are taken care of too, like ensuring the bench top is perfectly level, that all elements of the panels are perfectly fitted together so there are no unsightly gaps or spaces that will annoy you every time you look at them. It seems obvious to us, but there are many installers who gloss over this necessary finishing detail.


Our team have literally installed hundreds of kitchens, and we’ll ensure that your kitchen comes together perfectly in your home with a great finish you’re proud off. We also install independently for other kitchen manufacturers.


To complete the package, we offer a comprehensive five-year guarantee for all aspects of your kitchen, giving you peace of mind that your kitchen will continue to perform and look great for years to come.

Quality Kitchen Installation

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